• Modeling 3D

  • Cetak 3D FDM, bahan ABS, PLA, dll

  • Konsultasi teknologi IoT dan aplikasi web/mobile

Instagram Post

Articulated Dragon, designed by Mcgybeer on Cults..3d printed mask, finished with acetone, to handle porosity...Porsche 911, designed by @soarpix3d ..Magnetic shoe lace..DIY water cooling for my 3D printer, to prevent clogging and motor overheat. I share it on thingiverse.com/thing:4928420Fixing my broken glasses..DIY water cooling for 3D printer..Nikon 52mm Lens Hood (reverse).. @nikkorNikon 52mm Lens Hood.. @nikkorSmartphone DIY Camera RIG with Nikon mounting lens...Finally run, E3D v6 + BMG extruder on Anycubic 4max. No more clogging I hope 😅..Watch full on https://youtu.be/peEEee27FPc

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